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The Wild Wide World of Stress

Stressed Man
Do you feel stressed?

Stress affects everyone in some way daily, but the problem isn't stress itself. Stress is a biological and emotional mechanism designed to heighten our awareness and prepare us for a task. In the correct dose, it is not just good; it's essential.


Prolonged stress, on the other hand, is very destructive to our psychological and physiological make-up. Some conditions and diseases directly linked to stress are insomnia, lack of focus, anxiety (the number one form of mental illness in the United States), depression, suicide, ulcers, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. We also know that it compromises our immune system, meaning prolonged stress could be, and is most likely, a contributing factor to many other illnesses.


Let's face it: our digital age has created an "always-on" environment. Social media, phone, screen time, and email are siren songs we can't escape. It's part of society. Also, let's not forget everyday life can pressure us: kids, jobs, relationships, family, and money, to name a few. 70% of people have a daily physiological or mental symptom, and it's getting worse., on May 7, 2019, released one of the best-worded articles on stress and its scope. The entire article can be found here, but the excerpt below details the issues' problems.

Stress in the modern world is a constant. When stress doesn't let up and is paired with the feeling that we have little to no control over the circumstances creating it, that's called chronic stress. Over and over again, the research points to one key fact: Prolonged or unremitting stress exacts a stunningly toxic toll on the body, brain, mind, and soul. Its ongoing assault wears us down, measurably aging — or "weathering" — our insides, for some of us much more than others. Chronic stress zaps brainpower by damaging neural pathways and skewing judgment. It compromises the immune system. It taxes the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain.

Even our expert panelists — among them some of the nation's top researchers — say they've been genuinely surprised about the extent of harm wrought by chronic stress and the lack of attention paid to it."


One of Somulis' mission statements is to shine a light on the perniciousness of stress and its endemic nature. We can't fight what we don't acknowledge. So, what are we to make of this, and what should we do? Well, the first thing to do is to assess your mental, physical, and emotional state and be truthful with yourself. How's your mood? Are you feeling sad, depressed, or anxious? Are you having physical issues that may directly result from your constant stress? Are you waking up tired or feeling like you're not getting enough sleep? Do you have brain fog or problems concentrating? Do you have a hard time relaxing or calming your thoughts? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it's time to act.


It's also important to note that one thing rarely resolves complex issues. At Somulis, we advocate for a comprehensive stress, sleep, and focus management approach. Are you exercising enough? Do you have a healthy diet comprised of whole foods? Are you drinking enough water? Perhaps you need vitamin and mineral supplementation? Do you meditate, pray, and use deep breathing to produce spiritual and emotional stability? Do you have a sleep routine? Do you take time to have fun with no expectations? The point is you shouldn't rely on one solution to manage your stress and sleep—not even Somulis. However, Somulis could be a big step on your path to success.


In future blogs, we will touch on many topics that we think are important for creating and maintaining optimum health, which is another maxim of our company. Healthy people are generally happy and productive and make a difference in their lives and those around them. Check out our founder’s story to see why helping you live a happier and healthier life is important to us.


Somulis is a powerful, affordable, and convenient tool for managing stress, sleep, and focus daily.


Carpe Deum with Somulis! 

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