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The Many Roads to Relaxation!

Woman doing Yoga
The Many Roads to Relaxation

No one doubts that stress is a problem, and it’s getting worse by most measures. So, what do we do about it?


We can do many things to mitigate the effects of stress. Some of the most common forms of stress relief include Deep Breathing, Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Exercise, Medication, Diet, Neutraceuticals, Vacation, Flexible Time, Biofeedback, Light Manipulation, Essential Oils, Soothing Sounds, and, of course, Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), which Somulis employs.


Every solution listed above has its place and value. Everyone should be using multiple modalities when confronting stress. You shouldn’t rely solely on Somulis to achieve optimum results. It would be like saying that strawberries are great for you, and then you eat only strawberries. So, when I discuss this topic, it is important to have context and balance.


Solutions are either active or preventative and foundational or situational. Those listed below I would consider foundational.


1.      Diet: Nutritional sufficiency is critical for hormonal balance, allowing the body to better cope with stress. These foods include green leafy vegetables, organic turkey breast, blueberries, fermented foods, and avocados. Also, the body is comprised of nearly 70% water. When you are deficient, many problems can occur, and most people walk around dehydrated. Diet is considered a preventative mechanism and not an active solution.

2.      Exercise: Every study shows that daily exercise removes excess cortisol, decreasing stress. Exercise is both an active and preventative solution to stress and should be an essential element for stress management.

3.      VNS: The vagus nerve is the body’s prime mechanism for managing stress, producing oxytocin and acetylcholine, which counteracts adrenaline and cortisol. Your vagus nerve must work properly if you want to control stress consistently. Unfortunately, our always-on world can overwhelm the vagus nerve and become dysfunctional. Gentle stimulation of the vagus nerve can calm the body naturally. No matter how it is achieved, vagus nerve stimulation is like a friendly reminder for the body to do the job it was designed to do. VNS is shown to be both an active and preventative method for prolonged stress. 


The other methodologies above are more situational. They may have value, but most require the proper context; some have adverse side effects, and others do not have the proven efficacy to tackle stress consistently. Case in point, yoga is excellent, but if you only have fifteen minutes before a big presentation, you’re probably not going to kick your shoes off in your cubicle and do yoga at that moment. Neither the environment nor the time frame is conducive to producing the desired results. You also can’t always take time off from work or stop being a parent because you’re stressed. However, Somulis can make a difference in that fifteen minutes, no matter the context.


Let me give you a golf analogy. Your golf bag is full of different kinds of clubs that are the best solution for the situation you’re in. The bare minimum you need is a driver, an iron (6 or 7), and a putter. However, there is a reason you’re allowed numerous clubs because some fit the situation better than others. That’s like stress, sleep, and focus problems. For some, Somulis will be like a driver—essential to help make a change (i.e., it’ll get you off the tee). For others, it will be like a three-wood—not necessary, but a difference maker, something to get you that extra 5-10%.


I get asked all the time, what’s your key demographic? My answer is always the same, “Everyone.” There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t need help occasionally (most of us need help daily). What if you sleep well most of the time but have nights when you only get four hours? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an effective and safe solution that could help you get an extra 2-3 hours, turning a crappy night’s sleep and non-productive next day into a peaceful night and typical day.


Somulis was created with the active user in mind. When we say Anywhere, Anyone, Anytime, we mean it. In the office, at home, at a sporting event, it doesn’t matter. And because Somulis triggers a foundational response in the body (a parasympathetic reaction—the opposite of fight or flight), the other situational solutions are empowered by our device. So, clip up and begin relaxing while you meditate, listen to soothing sounds, apply essential oils, and practice deep breathing. Somulis will enhance those solutions.


Give Somulis a try. You have nothing to lose and a happier and healthier life to gain!

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