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What is stress? It is a physiological reaction to a mental or physical challenge. Stress is an essential element in coping with adversity. However, experts have learned that prolonged stress has a far more significant impact on our overall health, quality of life, and productivity than they first thought. Although some of the symptoms and diseases related to stress (panic attacks, anxiety, depression, ulcers, high blood pressure, and insomnia) have become obvious, our ability to sufficiently manage them has remained elusive. Studies indicate that nearly 75% of people in the United States suffer from daily stress-related issues.

During the Covid pandemic, It got worse. Drug and alcohol use increased by over 20%. Teen depression and suicide are at the highest level ever recorded. Every demographic is affected, and all the data shows an increase in stress-induced illness. We created Somulis to provide a simple, effective, safe, and convenient way to help you relax, sleep better, and increase focus.

It's taken over three years to develop Somulis, the first-of-its-kind Digital Supplement, but our story doesn't start here; it began over twenty years ago. The founder of Somulis used to suffer from stress-induced panic attacks and insomnia. He was in great shape, worked out daily, meditated, and practiced deep breathing techniques. You can see his story here. It wasn't until he started using vagus nerve stimulation technology, the same kind with the same protocols that Somulis uses, that he controlled his stress, panic attacks, and sleeping issues. So, these issues and this technology are personal to us.



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Scientists have determined that the vagus nerve bundle interacts with almost every organ and system in the body. Somulis outputs electrical microcurrent with a specific waveform, intensity range, and frequency (of a 1/4 milliamp or less) through our patent-pending device.  Conversely, an over-the-counter TENS unit outputs up to 100 milliamps. Gentle stimulation of the vagus nerve creates a parasympathetic (the exact opposite of fight or flight) reaction in the nervous system, releasing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and proteins like oxytocin, allowing the body to calm itself naturally.

Why this technology? What makes it special? It has been around for decades, and it works. We didn't have to reinvent the wheel. Our focus was to perfect the form and delivery system. Somulis is the first wearable of its kind. It's low intensity, non-invasive, and has little to no side effects. As an example, MD Andersen (the premier cancer treatment and research center in the country) uses transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation to reduce stress in its cancer patients. These are weak, immunocompromised people who need a safe solution. Also, it's natural and non-pharma. Why add something to the body when you can simply remind the body that it's time to relax and do its job? In conclusion, it has the characteristics of a solution that everyone should gravitate toward--safe, effective, and natural. Now, with Somulis' revolutionary form factor, it's convenient and affordable.


Stress-induced illness has been a problem for decades, but only over the past ten years have studies shown the gravity of its impact. Constant stress creates physical, mental, emotional, economic, and societal issues. We are in a silent crisis. Unless we acknowledge this problem and tackle it head-on, its impact will continue to worsen. Current pharmacological and natural remedies can be effective, but they can come with major side effects, are situationally effective, or aren't always available. For example, melatonin intake has dramatically increased, but continual use is not always safe. There are other tVNS devices on the market, but they are either more expensive, require a prescription, or are not nearly as convenient.


Our goal is threefold: to increase awareness of the problem, help as many people as we can, and create a product that is useable by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

So, we reimagined the technology that our founder and thousands of people have successfully used for over twenty years and created a mass-consumer product. Our patent-pending wearable is convenient, affordable, non-prescription, and simple to use. 

Somulis' revolutionary form factor and philosophy allow us to bring this fantastic technology to the general public for the first time. We want everyone to use Somulis as part of their daily routine to reduce stress, sleep better, and enhance their focus.


What are you waiting for? Stop Stressing-Start Living with Somulis.

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